Are you a 2D artist?

I’ve noticed a handful of programmers that are looking for 2D artists, and I know that there are some here in our midst. If you’re an artist willing to contribute to a project, introduce yourself below and share a link to your portfolio.

Don’t everyone speak up all at once. :wink:

I saw this post a few months back but didn’t have a portfolio built up rather just folders of my ideas sat on my computer. I really should make my own site with my ideas built up.

Yes, Dan, you should. :wink:

2D/3D Artist, and iClone Animator
Personal FB page: william.carey.98
Wow, won’t let me post link to my game page on Facebook, so type “Seed: The Renaissance Project” into a FB search.

2D artist and hobbyist programmer and now hobbyst 3D artist (just started the blender course).
I’m a little bit shy and I think my work aren’t enough to be on a project with someone but I try, here’s my works

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