Are waypoints the same as pathfinding patterns from the Shooter course?

Topic. I Googled but I got confused, so I am asking here. Are the concepts similar?

I would need to know which course you’re referring to in order to be certain.

The RPG course and Shooter course.

It’s the shooter course, I’m unsure of… do you mean the Unreal first person shooter course? Can you link to the shooter course?

The space shooter below this. I want to know if the code is similar to pathfinding (I know pathfinding uses NavMesh Agent)

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Yes, how Sam approached this is very similar to what Gary did during the Laser Defender part of the Unity 2D course.

Keep in mind that this is not a convention, they are simply using the word ‘waypoint’ due to its meaning, which is a stopping place on a journey. Fitting for what the AI is doing.

Yes, the fundamental idea is the same (although I don’t think Gary used the NavMesh, but I haven’t gone through the remaster, so I could be wrong).

The idea is that the waypoints are a list of destinations. We move towards the destination until we’re close enough, and then move to the next destination. In that regard, the systems are very similar.

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