Are Timers in UE framerate independant?

Hey, really good course upto now, Ive had no problems at all following it. However since I made my own character, I had to use all Mixamo animations. I tried doing animation retargeting by watching one of Gorka’s videos on Youtube but it was difficult to get right and none of the engine animations would work with my Mixamo rig.

Anyway, I was just wondering if Timers in Blueprints are frame rate independent? I remember the concept from some programming tutorials in C++ and that its important because if your game runs at lower or higher FPS then it could have some bugs with time based functions.

Yes, they have nothing to do with the framerate so they won’t be influenced too much by the Framerate of the PC. What can happen is if the PC is loaded and the framerate of the game drops a lot, the timers may not be as precise as you might hope for. You should definitely be wary of using this for timings for animation updates or anything like that. For the most part, if you can maintain 30fps you should be fine.

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Thank you!

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