Are mine good or cringy?

This is a learning project, and at first glance it seems like you’re grasping the concept of UV mapping. You’re well on your way then!

At the same time, if you feel the need to ask in the way you have, I get the sense you’re not satisfied with them. Nothing wrong with that! Think carefully about what you would want to change, compare your barrels to reference images from a simple internet search (to get ideas and to notice finer details), and then I would encourage you to give it a second effort as a confidence boost.

Any art piece a person makes can always be improved upon. Here, you could do that either by further modifying these ones, modifying unlinked duplicates of these, or by making additional barrels/objects. I’d go for that last option, since you’ll most likely want more variety in the scene you’ll be making at the end of this section, and it’s another opportunity to solidify the skill of UV mapping.


What @BH67 said. It’s a beginner’s course. Focus on the journey and concepts. The rest falls into place later. Maybe pick more textures and make another object to put a map on.

Later you’ll build a fighter plane. As a challenge, I decided to get reference images for another plane and built that. Is it perfect? No! Did I learn something, Yes!


Show UV-maps panels

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