Aquatic pyramid

An absolutely standard pyramid with many modifiers. Ocean modifier (couldn’t make the foam work, though) and applied particles for the small black rocks. The moon, on the other hand, is an unsophisticated white circle. A 2D array of lights provides in-picture lighting, together with a reddish brazing fire inside.


Creative scene setting!

You just need a simple sea craft bringing worshipers approaching in the distance.

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A craft would indeed be a good idea. Maybe one discreetly made from one half of a bowling pin, since that’s going to be the first hull design.
I made another version with a less chaotic arrangement of the stones. The dark colour isn’t 100% chosen.

There is a visual artefact looking like two whitish rails in the water behind the pyramid. Probably caused by repeated sea pattern. There are certainly better ways. And for some unknown reason the reddish fire in the door is gone!


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