Appending furry objects

When I append furry object, its fur color disappears. How can I fix it?

I don’t think I’ve had that issue yet, but you should be able to append the particle system separately.

Was the fur colour depended on an image diffuse map?
Did you append mesh, object or collection?

It"s always so when I append an object with hair. - All settings are the same in particle properties and in vertex groups (if I use them), and in shader editor… (Now I am following lessons on animal creating).

I think, I found the cause of it. My hair color was made for Cycles, and I wanted to see it in Eevee. I checked the original file, In Eevee it disappeared there too…


Strange that would happen. I suppose that would depend on the shader that was being used for the hair. Glad you figured it out though.

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