Apparently I missed something during the process

I have been trying to export .fbx from Blender but somehow also messes up my light setup when importing to Unreal.
Easy example:
didnt modify the cube too much in blender, just z axis size
exported as .fbx
imported to unreal and didnt change anything but screen size
lightning is messed up.
what did I miss?

First I would say, rebuild lighting, second I would say @Marc_Carlyon?

The issue is that you have not checked the selected objects button when you are exporting from blender.
This means that as you have a lamp and camera in the scene in blender when you export it is exporting those as well that you can see in the model in unreal

You would need to either use “Selected Objects” when exporting or do what i do and delete the camera and light in blender before exporting

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you Dan and Marc!
Problem solved and works! Also good lesson that .fbx can contain more than just the object itself.


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