Anyone up for GDWC '16?

Hello everyone!

So the Annual Game Development World Championship is going on right now and I was wondering if anyone would like to team up and create something for it. I have some ideas and some work going on already in unity.

Let me know if you’re interested, we might just make something fun together!

The submissions have to be made online. Deadline is 30th September 2016. Cheers.

Hi @Android_Apocalypse, I would love to do something like this with a small group of people in due course, however I’m currently on sick leave from work and for the most part not able to concentrate so very well (quite a few things going on), as such I don’t think I would be able to offer much value at the moment.

Oh, I hope that you get well soon! Your reply is much appreciated nevertheless, thank you :grin:

Appreciated, thank you :slight_smile:

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