Anyone Play INSIDE yet?

Just finished Inside from the creators of Limbo. Its mechanics, puzzles, and atmosphere were truly something unique. Anyone else try the game out yet because its phenomenal. If so what do you like about it? I really love the art style!

I have indeed played Inside, i play a lot of games but this one struck me pretty deep inside. Just the way it looked, the attention to detail and the story which was open to interpretation. But man! that ending?? I won’t spoil it for anyone of course. Did you know there is an alternate ending? if you get all the steam achievements there is a way of seeing it differently. A really good game and highly recommended.

I was blown away from the ending haha. I saw their was an alternate ending but only have 10/14 of the achievements!

I loved it!! Those guys spent five years polishing a short game to make it just about perfect! If you pay attention you notice that they made it such a great experience by keeping the puzzles fresh. Every section had different kinds of puzzles and mechanics and you never had time to get tired of any of it. That is something I hope to accomplish in the game I’m making right now

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I hear its the a worthy successor of Limbo, planning on getting it on steam

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