Anyone interested in making games together?

I was wondering how many people here want to make games for fun where no money is involved and in a team? For me, I love making games. So for learning purposes, if we can team together that would be amazing. Just like college.

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I think this really is the pinnacle of why hobbyist indie developers make games. We love games, we want to even play around with the games we love to make them different, more to our liking, we all make the games we want to play. I’m always looking for folks of similar mind, see my post in collaboration, I think that making money is a fine goal, but it certainly isn’t my primary drive, for me, it’s the joy of discovery, the joy of completion, the joy of making a vision come to life, especially with other people!


Anyone love to draw here like sprites and animation?

I would be interested in making games just for fun and to get better.

I draw quite a bit.

Sure. @Faded_Tiger

yeah that could be cool, I am taking the C++ UE class, however I do have 2 games in mind for way down the line to actually sell both are awesome ideas that I want to kinda get into the world before someone else does haha

I am a novice developer but I am taking Mr. Tristem’s Unreal Engine developer and C# developer courses on Udemy. The end goal for me is to making video games on some level, either as a hobbyist or as a career; that is yet to be decided I suppose. In any case I guess I’ll see what the future holds. As for now however, I am definitely interested in joining up with other game developing enthusiasts and seeing what we can create.

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