Anyone doing this too?

Is anyone doing this to keep track of (in this case the course) but games in dev etc?

A quirk I picked up whilst at place i worked a couple of years ago for the websites I had in progress,

Let me know how you guys keep track of your workload etc…


Hello @Jordan_Ashton, keeping track of progress and ToDo things is a good thing, I use project manager platforms such as Trello to do it, the good thing is that it makes easy to add images, graphics, links, checklists, due dates and also helps organizing everything.

Not only for the course but things that I need to study regarding gamedev, game ideas about upcomming games that I want to do. Also, I also use it to keep track of good websites, blogs and asset stores too.


Darn it now you made me convert from pen and paper :smiley:


Another good thing is that project managers such as this one usually have mobile app that let you access your dashboard and add new tasks/infos too, even if you are offline (it will keep it until the mobile gets online again), it is very good and you can access it from anywhere :grinning:.

Also, Oftenly exists integration between these platforms and services such as GitHub, which is pretty useful too


My ToDO list grew again now!

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wow! nice list you have over there! You just created this trello account? :astonished: Very awesome!
I have a similar one from my last game Archer World, I mixed a bit of portuguese and english on this one since it was meant to be private. This tool helps me a lot!

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I used to have bits of paper and notepad files all over the place and the rest i kept in my head.
I knew about trello but it didnt occur to me to use it as an idea planner as such until it was brought up here.
Helps me focus on which to do so i can clear one off the list and add more with no messing around.

Thanks for posting it as its going to be super helpful to use it for this.
(The game is in the Unreal showcase section although far from playable)

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Very nice, I’ve seen it over there by the time that you shared it, I’m looking forward into seeing how it will evolve!
Your game is looking good! Are you working on it alone?

Yes at the moment i am working alone on it although i do have friends pitching me ideas.
I just recruited one if he finds the time as a level designer which will free up more of my time to build assets.
Most of the assets in the game at the moment are paid for or free models by others (Hence the credits list on the board)
Due to that i am still learning, Its more of a choice to work solo at the moment as i’m not confident enough to join the collaboration idea.

Thanks for the interest :slight_smile: I work on it pretty much when i can (usually 4 hours or more a day)
I hope one day to publish it on steam.

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