Anybody know what this squiggly arrow means?

I guessed that it might be because this Dirt node group contains another node group (Roughness), but I have no idea. Its not affected my workflow, just wondering what it means.

2023-12-29 18_25_52-_ CreatingGenerators001 F__Adam_Documents_Blender_Assets_Node Groups_CreatingGe

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It is the icon denoting animation on the item.

Click on the side pointing arrow to drop it down and see it.

You may well have added it accidentally.


Is a driver classed as an animation? I used one for the colour ramp as recommended. I dont seem to have any keyframes in my timeline.

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I think they probably are.


Yes drivers are classified as animation as the value changes depending on the setting of your driver. If you expand in the outliner if there is no keyframe icon like in @NP5 image then it is a driver. If it has both then you will see another squiggly line icon with squares at each end I think and the keyframe icon. Hope that helps.


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