Any way to speed up the workflow for creating notches?

I made several notches on the barrel, and the singular edge slide vertex is simple enough but is there anyway to create a ‘blueprint’ for a set of commands and then copy it over to a different location?

For example:

  1. Bevel, accept
  2. Select vertex a) and b)
  3. Edge slide downwards until natural endpoint, accept.

Is there anyway to package those 3 commands in blender so that I can repeat that process elsewhere on my barrel quickly?


I suppose you could look into the solution to this post, but I wouldn’t recommend it, especially when just starting out in Blender:

I didn’t look into what this add-on can do, but at this stage in your Blender journey (I’m assuming the Blender Complete course you tagged this post with is your first course), it’s probably more trouble than it’s worth to actually use it (don’t let that discourage you from checking it out though; maybe you’ll have a better use for it later).


There might be, but I know of no one that bothers rather than do it normally.

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I think with the current state of Blender, you need to use and learn Geo-nodes!


Thank you, I’ll look into those after I finish this intro course

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With Blender 4.0 we now have Node-Tools.
Like Geo-Node, but now you can create your own tools.

Youtube :


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