Any Quick Conversion Guides for Industry Standard Controls planned?

Hello all!

Maya veteran here trying to jump into Blender for freelance commercial work out of studio work. Just wondering if is planning to make any Industry Friendly conversion guides for this lesson?

If not, totally a great idea to work on in the future. There are simple keymaps on the Blender manual, but things like contextual menus (link menu shift+A or lock transforms ctrl+A) the manual doesn’t have it. Most are easily found in the top menus, so they’re not detrimental, but it would be great if that were in the works for users like me coming from Maya, especially since Blender 2.8+ is so much more powerful now!

I think it’s more a question for the Blender dev team.
But with the introduction of version 2.8 they started a new path to make it more accessible for beginners. And trying to create a User Interface based on more international accepted standards.
But what are standards … and why people will implement them.

Blender organization is listening to their users. Instead listening to sales people, to get the most revenue. As a freelancer, I would say be part of the Blender support group. And make it possible for then for an easy Maya UI Blender conversion.

True and agree to your statements.

It would just be handy to have that information ready if already has it or is able to have it. They can continue with the course in Blender controls, which isn’t hard to pick up anyway and very intuitive as far as I’ve played around in it. I actually like it very much, which I can’t really say for the old Blender pre-2.8 controls. That was just completely odd to me.

But looking into the settings, it seems like only the basic things are set up innately. So, definitely agree that the Blender team would be behind the best ideal setup for migrants into Blender. Blender is just really different from other programs in general. It was meant to be that way from the start.

Just handy, like I said, for those already familiar with an industry “standard” to be able to just jump right in. Less time spent re-learning controls for something already familiar.

That’s all. No discussion here. Just asking for any guides or plans to it.

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Hey guys,

If i am honest over than the standard shortcuts we used in 2.7x the only real radial menu key i use is the ’ key and the right click contextual menu.

We do intend to come back and heavy patch as some of the items have changed since we started the course in the beta version.

Some things like the F9 key recovering the operator panel if you click away which is new does get cover within the context of the course.

If you know of any useful ones you use please do let us know as its all helpful and should be tied into the spiral syllabus we teach.

Hope this helps

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