Any plans to rework the final game in the Unity 3D course?

Is there any talk of reworking/ remastering the zombie runner course?, as it seems a bit outdated, I have a few other courses on the site i can try out in the mean time if so.

These projects and courses have been a great help to my learning of unity game design and would hate to learn outdated features etc.

Hi Marcie,

At the moment, there are no plans.

Unity releases a new update every couple of days. There is no way to have a course which uses the latest version because, once the videos are recorded, the Unity version is already “old”.

That does not mean, though, that the content is outdated. Unity does not replace everything in the engine with each update. Many things have been the same for years.

Which version of Unity do you use? Is there anything that does not work in your version?

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I’ve completed the course relatively recently, and while I seem to remember some things being slightly different, most of it is fundamentally the same (using Unity 2021.3.1f1).

To make my version of the game itself feel fresher, I like to add my own flavour (as Rick would say) to my projects. In this particular project, it really helped me to add my own enemies and animations (courtesy of the Blender courses here), and my own mechanics like reloading, locked doors with keys.

This course is definitely one worth taking.

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No worries appreciate the response.

I completely understand that unity releases an update every few days, the version Rick used is 2018.3 and 2019.1 which is soon to be 3-4 years older than current. I was never trying to imply to have every course be completely up to date on the latest version. Hundreds of things get fixed each year so I just wanted to know if there was any talk of revisiting it.

I’ve been using Unity version 2021.3.4f1.
I’m happy to hear that the course is still helpful and will happily take it on.

Don’t worry. Knowing whether the videos are outdated is important. Nobody wants to waste their time learning obsolete technologies.

Please feel free to follow our course with Unity 2021. Most students do that. :slight_smile:

If you get stuck, you can always ask for help here in the Q&A section. Most of the time, you’ll probably find answers and solutions here but if not, simply create a new thread.

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