Any one else haveing trouble with this?



Dont get this lecture at all. Creating the new mesh was easy but applying it to Unity???


I haven’t gotten here yet, but I did import something like (probably exactly like) this in the Unity course, and I imported my own model from S01 without trouble. In Unity, go to the Assets menu, select ‘Import New Asset…’ and browse your file system to where you saved your Blender project as a .blend file.

By default, this should import the meshes (although you can also choose to import textures, etc.).

If that isn’t enough to get you on track I should be done with this section on Monday.


I will keep working on it thanks for the reply


Oh. I see now. Honestly, if you don’t already know how to and/or have an interest in working in Unity you may not want to bother. It was more a demonstration than an exercise. That said,

So you have to first of all import both the pin and the collider the same way (.fbx or .blend), the two end up being very different scales. Using .blend is probably best.

Drag your Bowling Pin into the scene. Add a Rigidbody and a Mesh Collider component to it.
Expand the BowlingPinMesh asset, and drag just the Pin model from it to populate the ‘Mesh’ element of the Mesh Collider. Click the ‘Convex’ checkbox for the Mesh Collider.
If the body of the pin and the collider don’t line up, check the children of the Bowling Pin. It should have ‘Pin’ element in it that holds the Mesh Renderer. make sure that child’s transform is at 0,0,0 position and rotation and 1,1,1 scale or else it will be transformed differently than the parent object and the collision mesh.

Create a new Cube in your scene. Give it a Rigidbody and make it Kinematic. Scale it and position it relative to the pin to a be a floor.

If you hit play now, your pin should fall and dully smack into the floor. If you want it to be bouncy, go into your Assets and Create a new Physic Material and name it ‘Bouncy’. Set the ‘Bounciness’ of the new material to ‘1’. Drag this over to populate the ‘Material’ element of the ‘Mesh Collide’ component of the Bowling Pin.

I believe that replicates what Ben did in Unity.


Thanks for taking the time to write Chris. I will try that tonight. I never heard of these game engines until it was introduced in this course I am definitely interested and will work on learning them when I finish the blender course.