Any interest in Xenko 3.0?

I’ve been looking pretty heavily into making a game in Godot or Xenko with my friends. And I really really like the look of Xenko, but there is a strong shortage of reference material. I’m working on self teaching it, but I don’t yet know how well that’s going to work out for me. And if we wind up making more games in the future together, it would be nice to know there was a good source I can turn them to to pick up on the engine to help out.

Given thosr lhose problems, why are you intetested in Xenko over Unity or Godot?

I think for now the GameDev.TV is heavily focused on 3 game engines (Unity, Godot and Unreal), personally I heard about this game engine but since I decided to learn Unity I don’t think I will learn another game engine really soon.

Not totally rational. It is in part that I’ve heard from a coding perspective, it’s actually very intuitive. The physics are supposedly better, and it’s supposed to be very well optimized. But also part of it is just kind of wanting to support the underdog/take the road less traveled (though obviously hesitant to go the road this much less traveled). I liked the games the studio made, and am curious to see where the engine will go.
That’s mostly compared to unity. Compared to Godot, I like that it’s done natively in C# (I use C# at work, so it’s by far the more familiar language, but my work is not in game development). I’ve heard Godot’s 3D tools leave a good bit to be desired, though it’s supposed to be a joy to work with for 2D. I also have heard that their Godot course will have sections on 3D soon. But I did hear that on reddit, and I don’t know if it’s already there or announced or what.
Also, apologies for being kind of rambly. English IS my first language, I’m just very tired.

Yes, I’m interested in Xenko. Unlike Unity, it doesn’t collect information about you or demand an account of your revenue.

Xenko looks like a very nice game engine to me. And I believe more good game engines available, better life for game developers, and better quality of overall of game engines & games built on them, since the competition will push them to move forward faster. Unity & Unreal compete side by side as commercial solutions, I wish godot & xenko(or other open source game engines) can compete in the same way for open source solutions. Although godot is more well known for this moment, but for 3D game development, I think xenko is an better engine. However, I heard godot 3.1 concurrently to be developed busily will improve lots in this aspect, and meanwhile xenko just start to build up its open source esosystem. I am really look forward for what great improvements will be happened in next 12 months.

It’s sad that you haven’t received any awnser to your question. I hope this Helps (Sorry I’m late). The best way to learn Xenko Right now is to use the examples they give you and make your own version of the script. I will make tutorials when I’m further along with my project. I’ve used since Unity 4 and the switch wasn’t as bad as I had expected. At the time of writing the documentation is good so that isn’t as big of a problem as it was when you made your post. You can always consult the discord for help if you decide to go with Xenko. Good Luck on your project.

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