Any ideas how to be a live VJ?

I have been using blender to create visualisers, that’s cool, but I want to be a live VJ and have my art work respond to the input of the DJ’s live music? I want to create 70 - 90 unique visualisers and put them into software that allows me to swap between them and also be reacting live, has anybody got an idea of which software I would need? xxx

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I am certainly the wrong person to ask or answer! lol

I see no point in DJ but at least had heard they existed. (Despising the noise that is so called pop music does not help.)
You had to tell me what a VJ is. :rofl:
Still see no point or use in it as for pop music versions.
Where on earth would one do VJing?

Is it actually continuity announcer? The bbc voice that says next is a programme about fish. etc.

OBS Studio seems the default free Programme for ‘streaming’, or recording proper content, etc. Perhaps it does whatever you need?

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