Any aspiring boardgame creator in Singapore or Asia?

I recently enrolled into @Yann_Burrett and @Rick_Davidson ’s Udemy course for creating boardgames and I live in Singapore. Was wondering if there are any fellow aspiring creators based in Singapore or Asia? If you live elsewhere but would love to connect, I am keen too!

Cheers to boardgame creation! :slight_smile:



I’m based in Malaysia. How are you going with the course?

Hi Alwyn! Nice to hear from you! I haven started with the course yet… been busy with various things. Haha
Are you thinking of coming up with a game of your own as well? Which part of Malaysia are you based in?

Hi Charles,

Yes, the course has actually been a great help to me. I have a number of ideas, 2 which are ready to be playtested (my first play test session will be end of this month, so its crunch time!).

Are you a part of any game dev groups in SIngapore? I believe there is a few that also work with Malaysian game dev groups

There are some awesome events in Singapore recently where the local game creators come out and share their experience with the public… like how they market the game, Kickstarter launch, etc…

I am just too preoccupied at the moment to print my game out. LOL!

You are doing great! Wonder if we can keep in contact some way… like Facebook or Linkedin?

Hi, I’m from the Philippines. I just finished the course first quarter of last year, and I am glad I found the lessons to be really useful especially the topic on Player Experience.

A group of enthusiasts to playtest your work would be very beneficial. :slight_smile:

Oh, I just realized I finished the course first quarter of 2018–not last year. Time flies…

indeed, player experience is impt. if players like it… then word of mouth will spread and sustained purchases will happen

Interesting how you saw that from a publisher/business perspective. Hahah. Never really thought of it like that, maybe only indirectly and subconsciously I did. :slight_smile:

just sharing my humble thoughts la. u like to play boardgames frequently?

Well, I’d like to if I have the time to (and if my friends are available). But I always bring a copy of Munchkin Loot Letter with me in case I’d find an opportunity to play with someone.

I am, however, really fond of understanding a game and appreciating its concept. Many times, actually, I am already satisfied just reading the rulebook of a boardgame and watching my friends play it while I check once in a while if we’re playing it right as intended by the game designer.

thats a good habit. I sometimes carry with me a copy of Singapore Dream and look for opportunity to play with frens too!

wud love to stay in touch… are you on LinkedIn by any chance?

Wow, I just browsed their sight, and the game looks amazing. I’ll read more about it.

Sadly, no.

How’s your own game so far?

my own game - not much development for now as i am focused on some other pursuits.

btw, i do like munchskin a lot! used to play more of it when my frens were free and they had the game set.

Just say if it would help you discuss about it. I find it entertaining brainstorming and conceptualizing such things.

Haven’t really played the boardgame. Is it that nice? And is it funny, as in comedic?
What I have is one of the spin-offs to the Love Letter card game, which they named Loot Letter.

The munchkin game is quite comedic. I personally like it but needs the right crowd to appreciate it. has a long play time of about 1.5hrs generally though

I will certainly take note of your offer to brainstorm and conceptualise! but at the moment, I am looking at some other matters first esp my small business.

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And thanks for the offer! :slight_smile:

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