Another Problem From This Guy! :D

So… when I switch from Eevee to Cycles I lose all of my Object Material information. All of my Materials show in the Nodes editor and show ‘All’ as the Material Output, but something is broken. I am not sure how to address this. Scene refresh speed is also amazingly slow and I do not have a low performance machine.

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Purple means, Blender can not find textures.

  • Did you relocate your .blend file and or images?
  • Did you store images on a server / internet?
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Figured it out!

After weeding through the video a few times there is a part where he removes some extra data from the World Material Node. This is plugged into the “volume” information on the Material Output. GET RID OF THIS. After deleting this Cycles had NO problem producing wonderful image data. :slight_smile:

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