Another Method for the Bridge Loop Lecture

I don’t know why the teacher didn’t show us the “Dissolve Edges” (maybe will show in future lectures but I don’t know)

We can replace the whole “select the edges we don’t want, delete, select the other edges, bridge loop” simply by:
Selecting the unwanted edges pressing X or Delete:

Choose “Dissolve Edge” and Puf! gone and flat like it was Bridge Looped…

Blender can take screenshots witch can be bigger than this

I know, but have you clicked the link of the screenshots though, the blue one that says “Screenshot” or the one that says “Lightshot” ?

Open them and you’ll see It’s a real size picture cropped to what matters.

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Just as a heads up, you can just paste/drag/upload the image directly to your forum post. The forum will show a smaller version if its larger than the width of the post, then when clicked it will expand to its full size. Some people can be turned off from clicking through sometimes, especially if the source has advertising and delays seeing what they were interested in seeing.

See also;

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I appreciate the info about drag/drop. This will save some time.

I found it easier with lightshot since I can simply press a button, select the area, it uploads automatically and gives me the link. All i had to do was paste the link here.

But alright, I will save the SS and replace the images :slight_smile:


Hi Felipe,

You are more than welcome.

It’s entirely up to you how you want to post your images, I was just letting you know that you could paste the images in, just in case it was easier for you.

Nice chess pieces by the way :slight_smile:

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Thanks :smiley:

I changed the images anyway for a faster view :wink:

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If you havent already you might like to register a Sketchfab account too. You can upload your models to it and use their 3D browser to view them online in all their glory.

What is even cooler is that you can copy/paste the unique URL for the model into your posts and it embeds the 3D view too, it’s a great way to showcase your work.

See also;

Great idea Rob

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Now that looks fantastic and is so much fun to play with the 3D viewer.

Nice work, love the little visor, definitely says evil :slight_smile:

I love the pawn. it has a G1 Decepticon feel.

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