AnisotropicBSDF problem?

followed tutorial but Anisotropic BSDF does not appear to be working. The stem remains black. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening ?

2 suggestions based on you screen shot…

1st - try unplugging the Anisotropic Shader from the output and then reconnect it

2nd - turn up the roughness I’m not sure what Michael had his set to but I’m thinking it was somewhere around 0.5.

No luck with that i’m afraid. Perhaps its a bug ? having no issues with the Principled BSDF shader. Just gone to Says a release candidate is out. Meaning last step before the release.

it appears to be visable in rendered mode just not look dev hmmmm


just did a bit of experimentation with it. Lookdev mode appears to be hardcoded directly to the Eevee render engine. so, to see it in look dev you have to set it up for rendering in Eevee :confounded: kind of defeats the purpose of the mode imho.

@Michael_Bridges One to be aware of

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