Anime Character Girl Topology Reference blender file

In the videos, Grant shows a Topology reference blender file. I can’t seem to find that file anywhere for download. Is that file unavailable for some reason, or am I missing something? Thanks.

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@NP5 knows a bit more, I think you need to search this ask forum. Because it has been asked and answered before!

When and where was it used?
I think it is just a reference he uses to show in the video not one that was provided, as I suspect you mean the coloured in loops model, rather than a reference image.

The video titled “The Feet” at 00:26 is one example. You are correct though, I am not talking about the reference images. It is definitely a blender file because he pans around it. The face topology is colored but the whole body is there. Its not essential that I have it or anything. I just thought it would be a useful reference to be able to pan around it.

Yes I think it would be a useful reference to but it is not provided, I suspect, guess, it may be someone else’s so GD can not redistribute it. Besides the temptation just to use it instead of making your own model! :laughing:
Though Blender have just released some free base human models with great topology including an Anime one so you might like to get that.

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