Anime Character - Final Renders

Hello there!
I completed the Anime course! Woot woot!

What a fantastic course! Thank you @Grant_Abbitt

A few renders with different poses :smiley:

^^^ Intense stare

^^^ Pose 1115 from the pose list below.

^^^ Same, from a different angle.

My next two goals are

  1. Recreate more of these poses

  2. As final challenge, re-create this character

Have a fantastic weekend.


Great study, well done!
I would say, study a bit on your last image, the wall.
Because you have such a nice character.
Play with lights (dark theme), torches, barrels, etc.


These are awesome! Great job :smiley:

Pretty cool that you’ve already decided on your next project!

@FedPete is right; when you’ve put so much work into your character - you even gave her a really cool spear - then it’s a bit of a shame that the wall is so… I’m not sure what the word is. Flat? Featureless?

Regardless - awesome work on your character, and congratulations on finishing her! ^^


True. I spent the time on the pose.

Btw, I created the wall using Wall factory, which is part of the add-on Extra Objects, which comes with Blender. Guess therefore I didn’t put extra effort into it.

I’ll play around with the scene and add some features, floor tiles, torches, etc. from the Blender beginner course, and/or make new ones.

And I’ll try to add IK the arms. Positioning the arm and hands took forever. :smiley: Let’s see what happens. Even if I will break the armature, I learned something.

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Hey @Breagha and @FedPete,
I invested some additional time on the scene.

This was a good exercise to play around with the lights, texture painting and low poly objects or importing objects from past projects. :smiley:

Interesting to see how the light from the torches is rendered differently when using Agx.

I’ll let this sit for a while and start to rebuild the other character.



Very nice! That third one is really nifty - really like the angle, and she just seems to much better framed somehow?

Lovely work ^^


it’s looking good :slight_smile:


Thank you.

About the framing, I enabled the composition guides, and then played around with the camera angles. Out of 12 shots, this was the one I liked most.


Thank you.

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