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Sorry if this is a rather simple question but when following the current Anime Character in Blender course there is a point when Grant says to apply scale to all the items of clothing. When I do this all the items become deformed. I tested on one of the items if I apply the solidify modifiers and then apply scale it works correctly but I don’t recall Grant saying to do that so far during any of the classes.

Is this correct, I must go through each item and apply the solidify before I can apply scale?


Helps to know where.

I have been going through this course and not had this problem. Though it is second nature to me to apply rotations and scales at all times, so I may have pre-empted this problem. Or it may be I applied some modifiers, when suggested one might, and deleted internal faces

However it sounds like you have found a solution that works.

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Thanks for the reply. It was during the “Finishing the Unwrap” section, around 6 minutes in. Grant selects all items of clothing and sets the scale on them all.

It seems to be the solidify modifier I just found it confusing as I couldn’t recall Grant saying to apply it for anything later to work. The corset in the top/centre is the item I have applied the modifier on. I am fairly new to Blender so I assume I have just missed something simple.

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Oh that is dramatic!

Hard to know if Grant mentioned it, but it is a general ‘rule’ apart from specific times you have a good reason not to apply rotations and scales. It particularly messes up modifiers if not.

But your work around seems to let you carry on. Alternative would be to remake where needed.

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