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This course has the right balance between being easy and a challenge :smiley: @Grant_Abbitt

The more I play around with Blender, and learn it, the more I wonder if I am in the wrong profession…

Good night.


Good start :slight_smile:


Creating 3D scenes isn’t learned easily!
There are many many aspects to this kind of work.
Moving vertices is the most basic knowledge (grunt work).
It takes skills in many professions and Blender knowledge to reach a certain level.
This means many hours of training and doing a lot of projects!
Doing a single GameDev course is just a very tiny part of it.
Be patient, follow the course(s), and do the challenges. Even if you don’t like them.
Don’t look at what others did, stay at your own skill level.

And just have fun and enjoy the courses.

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I’m not complaining at all. This was an appreciation of how balanced the course is.

I’m having a lot of fun and do like it.

And my comment about the wrong profession - I tried to say that I have the wrong day job - which is not in digital art, etc. :smiley:

And yes, it’s a journey.


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