hey guys i need your help - why in my code animator.matchtarget function doesnt work

Hi Behshad,

Welcome to our community! I’m sorry for the late reply. Since your thread does not have any tag, we teaching assistants missed it. I do not recognise this code, so I assume you are not enrolled in the Unity2D and Unity3D courses for beginners.

In which course and lecture are you?

Hello Nina, I appreciate your attention. I’ve been learning both 2D and 3D courses with Mr. Rick Davidson and Mr. Ben Tristem. However, this code is from a tutorial I found on YouTube, and I thought perhaps you could lend me a hand in understanding it better. Thank you for considering my request.

Unfortunately, I cannot help with tutorial videos that were not created by The best would be to ask the creator of the tutorial for help. He knows his content best. If he cannot help you either, please feel free to ask our community of students for advice over on our Discord chat server.

with a quick glimpse at your script, I think I know a course that can help you with exactly what you seek. Be warned though, this is NOT a GameDev.TV Course, but I finished it and it worked well for me personally back then:

you may have a bit of a headache because that course has no challenges (99% of the time) and mistakes can happen (I made a lot back then, and it took me even longer to fix them), with lectures reaching up to 40 minutes each (and the developers can take WEEKS to respond… I hated that to be honest!), but if you get it all working with a bit of patience it’s well worth it

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