Animator Controller - Simple Set Up And Overview

This discussion topic is to cover the few videos related to introducing the animator controller and simple animations. This is also where you can share any cool (or odd!) animations you’ve made.

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A quirky dude.



haha, had a good chuckle at his nose flipping in the air. Nice animation!

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Some rotatory freakishness happening here


Some animation test to delete after!

Secure. Contain. Protect.


Animation test

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Simple scaling plus rotation animation. Still working on some custom gun assets as well!

Added a particle effect with colour over time and negative gravity to simulate burning. He has an animated beak if you look closely(I am still learning to generate animated GIFs in snaggit).

I added a light to the muzzleflash, the flash itself is from the unity asset pack but I allowed the rotation to be random between 0 and 180 degrees. sometimes the muzzleflash does not play but I think that that is due to the time I am allowing the particle system to emit for.