Animator avatar change , Humaniod already , Adding more Assets to the game



i have seen another post about this topic followed the soultion made by brian
and it still not working

i have another asset for a character i want to use
it is a humaniod i see in the rig
and i changed the avatar
i can see all the animations in the scene and game are changing
but when i run the game
it just fly on the ground and not do any animation
animator controller is set to character
animator avatar is set to new avatar that i get from the asset

what can i do to fix this ?
will it be like this with any pack or asset i add and want to change ?
please help

I believe we discussed this in the Discord. It looks like everything was set up properly, but after reselecting the values in the Animator, it is now working.

In general, the issue with this is having the wrong Avatar or the rig not being set to Humanoid. After verifying that these were set correctly, it puts it in the category of “sometimes Unity does weird things”.

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