Animations did not export

So what happened is, I edited all the animations and then selected one jump kind of animation and in that animation i did weight painting and all, and when exporting, my model was in that animation, after export, I could only see that animation in unity imported model, where did the other animations go and how to get them back ?

I am using blender 3.4

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From what I remember you have to export each animation to its own file. Here is what I have in one of my folders for a rig animation:



I’m not sure that you can export all animations into one file. The way I remember it is that you export your model with your rig, then you export each animation individually, then in your game engine you apply the animation you want to your model/rig.

It’s been a while though since I did that and I was working with Unreal, not Unity. I would suspect they work similarly but I’m not 100% certain.


Thanks for your reply VVruba,

in the tutorial, Grant only used one armature, and added all of them in that,

The mistake i did was not adding that armature in the export selection.

Still thanks for the quick reply, it means alot


Huh, interesting. I might watch that lecture myself, could learn something new.

I had a look at the lecture and it refreshed my memory a bit :sweat_smile:
Yes, you can export all your animations into one file, and that’s fine if you’ve got them all setup and don’t plan on adding or removing any.

The benefit of exporting them separately is that you don’t have all the animations permanently linked to your model. It allows you to set up your model in the engine, and then add and remove individual animations as you develop your game. It makes it easier to manage your animations.

If you have it all in one file the result is that every time you want to add an animation or tweak an existing one, you have to re-import your entire model, which is not only inconvenient but has the potential to break things. Keeping the animations in separate files is simply more modular and reduces the chance that you mess up something in your rig file.

Another benefit of keeping them separate is that you can reuse the animations for models that use the same armature structure.


Interesting, I ll keep that in mind, for the sake of tutorial I’ll throw in as Grant did.

so I have to check how to import the animations individually on my own then, or if you can give me any source. that will be awesome

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I suspect you would import them the same way as anything else, drag and drop. I don’t know how to apply them in Unity though since I haven’t gotten to that point with it yet, sorry. It’s fairly easy to do in Unreal so it can’t be too hard in Unity.


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