Animation Retargeting from UE4 Mannequin to Paragon Female Characters

I have been attempting to retarget animations from the default mannequin to the free Paragon characters so I can use Mixamo animations. Note I have been successful doing this with the Paragon Male characters, but no so much luck with the female characters.

Issue is the end result has the arms way to close to the body whereby they go through the body on walk/running animations.


My points of reference have been

I have tried to make the source and target poses as close as possible for retargeting but with no luck.

but every female character comes back with this end result where the arm position doesn’t match.

Is there any way to solve this?

Hi. It is tricky. I tried just now with the same character and I do get funny results to, but honestly I did not spend to much time on solving them.
What I did noticed is that you should probably manually adjust the bones.
Sorry I can’t help you.
But why would you want to retarget the Paragon characters? I mean they come with 100 + animations specifically created for them.
I personally would try the other way around but hey, it’s your project :slight_smile:

I do like the character models, but I would like the flexibility of using any animations they don’t have, like from Mixamo. In the case of the Sparrow Character I would like her to have climbing and punching animations for example as most of her animations are bow/archer attacks, which the Paragon characters don’t have (unless I am missing something).

As for editing the bones, I did try to change the rotation of the bones but none of those changes seem to get saved.

Coming back this after a while I realised the mistake I was making.

Before one starts editing the skeleton,
in the Retarget Manager tab, at the bottom

  • you need to select MODIFY POSE.


  • change the skeleton to your desired pose

then when you are done, you need to select Modify Pose again,
and now there will be an option to select Use Current Pose, which
is your saved edited pose

This is the only thing I did differently from my previous attempts, and retargeting is working as intended now.

A point of reference that highlighted was I was omitting is this tutorial

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