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I just have a question;

I have this attack animation, and ive set up an animation trigger for it.
The default animation is idle, when i click the attack trigger, or when a script triggers it,
the idle animation plays through till the end before the attack animation starts.

Now i solved this by just directly playing the animation with

I just wonder what the cause for this is for future reference, if someone knows.

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This is probably caused by the transition settings, to change them go to the Animator window and select the transition, which will open up this in the inspector.

Captura de Pantalla 2021-07-18 a la(s) 14.39.04

If the “Has Exit Time” box is ticked it will play the whole animation before transitioning even if the “Exit Time” is set to 0. Transition might be another issue, be sure so set it to 0 too so it doesn’t cause unexpected behaviour.

Ahh ofcourse, thanks! Maybe i just had shorter animations in the past or something, never noticed.

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