Animation plays half(any kind of walking animation)

Guy i cant fix one problem… 2 out of 4 animations are not working.
I have tried other animations(they are not working either)
What m i doing wrong ?
Here is the problem

i feel like i have gotten so far and i really dont want to give up… PLEASE help

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What is the animation render frame length?
Say you made an animation from 1 to 250, but you’ve rendered frame 100-200?

i m not 100% sure but i think i do it right
Also inside unity the animations only have 1 keyframe per second
If i open the .fbx with 3d viewer the animations works well and the animations plays smoothly
Inside unity all animations seem to have 1fps

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While .fbx is the leading way to export and import 3D data between packages. It is still not a 100% copy of behavior specified in Blender and or another tooling.

I would advise you to read more about the .fbx standard on the web.

Also It is the Blender section, maybe this qustion is more for the Unity forum?

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I have only asked here as the course includes unity too
If you think i have better chances of finding help on unity section please move it there, but that may lead to someone else going trough the same problem and not finding a solution

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i have found out the problem comes from a setting in unity called resampeling curves(untick for fix)
When creating the human avatar like in the course it overides the resampeling curves and foce ticks it breaking my animations
Not sure if this is a true fix or not but i works for me(for now)

I would like to thank Rick and Grant also the mods here on the forum for helping us with all the silly problems without going crazy haha
I will show my final project soon.

Good course 10/10 !


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