Animation not working from walk/run

Ok so, if I’m standing still and crouch and start moving, it loops the crouchwalk animation. But if I’m already moving and start to crouch, it doesn’t loop the crouchwalk animation. I also ticked the box to allow for falling off ledges when crouching out of preference. So I also noticed that if I fall from high enough and stay crouched, the animation will begin looping when I hit the ground. But if it’s a small ledge, the animation doesn’t begin to loop. Anybody encountered this or know how to fix?

Can you show me your state machine for your animation blueprint?


That’s the Anim Graph (though that is good to see, too). Can you show me your locomotion states?

If this isn’t what you’re asking for I truly apologize. I am relatively new to this.

Excellent! A couple things:

  • What’s crouch1 meant for?
  • Can you show me the transition code from Walk/Run to CrouchWalk (and back again)?

The crouch1 was a bug fix. Without it, my character would never stop the walking animation and couldn’t crouch once I started walking.

Here is crouch/walk to walk/run

And here is walk/run to crouch/walk

Sorry uploaded the wrong one.

Here is walk/run to crouch/walk

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