Animation Montage not working

I have set up my animation montage but it wont play the animation. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here

I only get the first String too, really not sure what I’m doing wrong

Bump. Anyone?

This is super frustrating, I don’t want to continue the course until this is fixed. Can anyone help me at all???

Hi there! You might want to check your AttackRange variable, if its 0 the animation will never fire. Hope that helps!

That would be my first guess, since it appears that none of your print strings are being called.

My AttackRange is set to 150 for 1.5m, correct? I did even try changing that to 500 and it did make the “1” print to the screen while the enemy was further away so that variable is working as intended

Ok, another thing to double check is if you have the “DefaultSlot” group node setup in your anim graph.


I’m pretty sure I did set that up but I could be wrong, I’ll update the post next time I get chance to look at my project file. Thank you for the suggestions

Just checked and yeah that’s set up too

Anything else that I could have set up wrong?

A couple of things that I can think of:

  1. Check that the distance to the player is Less Than the attack range.
  2. Make sure you are calling the “Get Player Character” function and not controller

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