Animation Blueprint not working for FPS project

Been following along with the Unreal Engine 5 Blueprint FPS course and when I got to the Animation Blueprint section to make the character mesh animate I couldn’t get it to work. The animation would play for a brief second but then would stop. This happened for all animations no matter how I set them up on the blueprint. I’m wondering if it has to do with how the controls are set up because the course shows setting up movement and looking and jumping with Action Mapping but as of UE5.3 Action Mapping has been depreciated in lieu of Enhanced Input Mapping. I’m honestly just at a loss and would love some help on this.

In later versions of UE5, the “loop animation” toggle is turned off by default. Can you give that a check real quick?

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Well shoot. That’s how much of a newb I am at this engine. Gosh…thanks for pointing that out to me.

No worries! We all started as newbies to Unreal.

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