Animation asset pack included with this lecture

Could someone please advise me of the usage rights for the animation asset pack included with this lecture? I know that in later lectures we get the pack provided by Explosive which is not to be used in a commercial capacity but there is no information regarding this for the idle, walk and run animations included in this lecture (Animation Blend Trees in the RPG core combat course).

There is a lot of licence information included in the lecture regarding the Synty student pack usage but nothing at all for the animations.

Is this animation asset pack free to use how we please or is it only for personal/educational use?

Sorry if this has already been asked somewhere.

Thank you in advance

If you’re referring to the HumanoidIdle, HumanoidRun, and HumanoidWalk animations, I think they are from the Standard Asset pack, but am not positive. I’ve dropped a note to Rick for more clarification.

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Thank you for looking into this for me @Brian_Trotter. I really appreciate it.

I just saw Rick replied to me. Yes, the animations referenced above are from the Standard Asset Pack. You’re free to use them however you like.

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That’s great news. Thanks again Brian.

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