Animation and rigging course Deadly Snakes 1:41:00 Why local mode?

While watching Grant’s Animation and Rigging course, specifically the Deadly Snake section, I noticed he placed the first bone in Object mode and then switched from Global Mode to Local Mode. However, he didn’t explicitly explain why he made this switch. Interestingly, it seemed like the bone’s position remained unchanged, and there was no apparent movement or shift to a different location. Curious, I experimented with my own snake model, toggling between global and local modes, but I couldn’t discern any noticeable difference. Has anyone else encountered this or know why he highlighted this aspect? It might seem like a minor detail, but I’ve been trying to unravel the reasoning behind it.


He was trying to point out that the armature’s origin matches the world/global origin. I think he was probably going to point out that when you switch to pose mode the local axis then matches the bones origin which is different, but I’m not positive. Basically you have the global axis. The armature objects axis and each bone has it own axis.

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