Animated old style lamp

Hi all!

This section was enjoyable and really challenging (most 'cause I always want to do something personal, and I don’t stop until it satisfies me a bit).
I’m still not totally happy with the denoising of the light, it really makes a weird effect.
Btw here it is:


You did a great job! :smiley:

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That is because the calculations (algorithm) have always the same out come.
There is the randomize option somewhere. To force the denoiser using a different base each time.

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Woah nice, I’m going to look for it right now! Thank you!

Ok I’ve not found the randomize option, but I achieved a not bad result by the composite tab:

then rendering the animation by png and then video editing all.

That’s the result:


Also a solution, more control for the user.
the clock means for every frame (time) a new seed.

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Wait a sec, why i don’t have that tab denoising there?

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? I’m using 2.91.0

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Ooooh that’s why! I’m using 2.81, for the new section of the course I think I will update so.

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