Animated lamp section - 5 second video

Section 6 Animated lamp. 5 second video, as instructed, to share.

I went a bit different and titled this … the Failed Audition.


Your lamp design is modern. Well done.

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I like what you did here Silinary, there’s the build up, the suspense and then not the outcome you’d typically expect - well done, made me laugh :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Regarding the lamp design, I wanted something that was different. I figured it counts as the spirit of the course was still taken into account. Followed the lessons the same, just different shapes. Still needs a spring on the back, but haven’t learned how to do springs yet.

As for the animation, Rob, that is why I did it. It made me chuckle too, imagining a tryout: There is the star that was selected, and all the ones that didn’t quite make it. Briefly considered matrix like style as well. Possibilities are endless. Few more lessons, then off to the bunny it looks like.

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It’s very good and well done - I will look forward to seeing what else you create and share with us all :slight_smile:

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