Animated Lamp... Rick Style?


Here’s my animated lamp export so far. It’s a “jumping lamp onto a letter that shall not be named for copyright reasons” theme, with the one and only @Rick_Davidson thrown in there. (Not that Michael isn’t great, he is also an awesome instructor :wink: )


Good animation!
Tiny problems with the rig. Base goes through the floor. And yes, t’s a difficult challenge.

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Complex lamp arm arrangement to animate.

Very well done!

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@FedPete Thanks! Good point, I ran into some tweaking issues with the floor background / mesh letters and as a result of some last-minute tweaks the base goes through the floor. But after all that render time I figured “oh well, it’s a new feature!”

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I totally understand. When starting with this challenge, you don’t know where it leads to.
At the end, you see things from a different perspective. And know where to watch for in a next challenge.
In that case plan a head at stick to it!

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