Animated lamp project plan

Hi everyone.

I’ll be using this lamp as my reference:

I’m hoping the lilt in the lamp-shade will allow me some expressiveness… To do suspicious head-tilts I’ll have to rotate the lamp-shade about its base as there is no mechanical pivot for that action.

This is an idea for an animation which will be around 25s in length:

Pretty sure it is not a very original idea but I believe it may be within the realms of my capabilities. I will additionally need to model:

  1. the dorm
  2. the corridor
  3. a door/doorway combo
  4. bunk bed
  5. flickering neon ceiling light

Keeping it simple.


I see your plan. I’s ambitious and a lot of work.
I am curious! Cann’t wait to see your progress.

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Yea be ambitious. Good thinking and a nice little plan

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