Animated Lamp - FINALIZED - (I'm getting 'sick' into Blender modeling)

I think I’ve achieved so far a good workflow in modeling :smile: :mage:

PS - not ready yet

edit: roughly ready, I think it is just to animate it -->



final edit (animation):

IF IT DOESN’T WORK click on dribbble logo and see in their site
Thank you guys; I’ve rendered it in Cycles with two instances of Blender opened at the same time in my PC. And it was just fine… I think I can try on 3 instances.


It really looks good! Well done! :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Hope we all get even better

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Your Lamp “arms” design is very similiar to the one I did and I can see you have the same problems I did when I first tried to animate it :smiley:

The joint from the second to the first arm, is parented to the first instead of the second, which makes the second arm to “disconnect” from the Joint when moving. To solve this I had to parent the joint to the second arm and then using Constraints so it wouldn’t happen to rotate on Local Y.

My final result was this Lamp finds something strange on the Floor
It’s not so good, has too fast transitions… but maybe you can observe what I mean by the joint.

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Very nice and great post about the workflow you used.

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Thanks for the considerations, dear Capa. I found your lamp animation really funny (ending on the “CAPA” sign) and, in fact, with a very much consistent rigging. I was not so much virginian as to try to perfect that joint issue… I just wanted to let it go haha

But thanks for the solutions

oh, thanks! I’m glad it served to inspire someone else

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