Animated Lamp (Eevee Render)

I rendered it in Eevee cause I didn’t feel like waiting 5-6 hrs for an decent cycles render.

If I do end up using Cycles more in the future I may end up building a Linux Cluster for rendering out of old PCs and attaching it to a NAS.

What I learned from this exercise that i will apply moving forward is to draw out a plan BEFORE I start animating. Even if I end up scrapping most of it I still have a framework to base everything off of. Sort of a more iterative design approach.

Overall I am unhappy with the quality of the animation I produced, I feel like if I put forth more forethought it would be better, but am happy with all the experience I had to gain fixing my mistakes.


Nice job. Render times are a depressing thing. It’s one area of computing we badly need some breakthrough in. Not sure if this quantum computing thing will be it.

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In the beginning render animations in low resolution 640x240 or less.
Or switch over to workbench for quick drafts.
And yes, making animations takes a lot of preparation.

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