Animated Children's song: "The Car Song"

Hey Blender friends! I’ve been working on this original project for about a month, and just released it. Just about everything was done in Blender. I used Sony Vegas studio to piece together the scenes, Protools for audio recording, and sketchbook for the 2d asset design. I added armatures to each character as well to make animation a bit easier. Let me know what you think!

There are a few minor imperfections, like the dad’s feet going into the floor. Maybe I could have handled that by giving the floor a rigid body. But honestly, kids probably don’t care about those details.


You did an incredible job! I love all the hard work, dedication and creativity you put into this!


Great project.

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Thank you very much for the kind words. The next song starts development soon.


Great project!

We all have seen very slick Blender stills, renders in Cycles, trillions of vertices, 3D figures , smooth animations …
But I really do like this animation style. It fits the imagination of kids. It’s clear, it’s simple in design, repetitive, very recognizable. Doesn’t matter is 2D or feet in the floor. It part of the total graphical package!

I’m not sure what the exact goal is. What you want the kids to learn, remember vegetables or just sing-a-long. But for the store vegetable part, I would enlarge the products when mentioned in the song. Now they are too small to recognize. Too tiny.
The same for the fridge, show a shot close by with the vegetables inside.
But then again, I’m not sure what you want to express and where the attention needs to go.

A sing along, could mean; add the text in the movie with a marker (like the karaoke songs).

Great project, glad you’ve shared it with us. It gives us a new perspective.


Wow thank you for the awesome project analysis, seriously! I came up with the song for my daughter and she always asked me to sing it before bed, so that gave me this idea. I initially wanted 3d modeled characters, which I designed and rigged, but was spending so much time on issues related to weight painting. I need more practice with that part of animation. So I decided to go with 2d characters (it worked for the Paper Mario games), for now.

These were the original characters (definitely not as cute).


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