Animal sculpt - Cougar

Here’s my cougar! I did retopology once again, then painted the texture with a stencil using tons of cougar photos, and the result was quite satisfactory. Also, bald spots in the particle system are not as noticeable if you paint the texture this way because it creates an illusion of hair. I must admit I exaggerated its muscles because I wanted to practise sculpting more. I used Rigify to add a rig and pose my sculpt, and then I just tweaked it to eliminate weird stretching. I didn’t spend much time on this project and didn’t put too much effort into it so there are a lot of things I could improve. I’m rushing to finish the beginners course so I could finally start the character creation one! :grinning:

The HDRI was way too large for my scene. So I made a round background using the same image and placed it behind the sculpt.


Woahh that’s just too good!!


It’s not that good if you look closely lol there are a lot of things that could be improved but thanks anyway! :grin:


Its still a very good sculpt, I thought it was real when I glanced. Thank you for sharing, its quite inspirational


Thanks! A lot of people underestimate Eevee but it can look quite realistic with a bit of tweaking :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Excellent detail work on the face. The fur looks a little lumpy on one side but it is a wild animal.

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Thank you! You are completely right about lumpiness! They have short but very thick hair so naturally it is more roughed up and clumped around joints, sides, neck, belly and rear end because of the movement.

I tried to mimic that but it ended up lumpy because I didn’t have enough particles. As you can see in the reference photo the scale of clump is much smaller. It also varies in size depending on the placement (smaller on legs, larger on the sides etc). I clearly didn’t bother to have multiple particle systems on the body itself not to mention having enough particles within one system :smiley:


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