And now she's really happy with her new simple rig :)

So here is my final interface for the Cube Dude Section’s simple rig xD.

Pointy triangle things -> IK Pole Targets
Oval Things -> IK Handles
Circular things -> FK Controls (bones with limited rotations constraints)
Circular with a pointy thing -> Root/Main Controller

Red -> LEFT side
Green -> RIGHT side
Blue -> FK (mid?)
Yeallow -> ROOT/MAIN

Edit (forgot to mention):

I hope the Armature options would allow for the translucid viewport look I’ve set up in the original Interface Shapes:

Here’s the setup for that:

I had a problem regarding the Armature Display settings where the Selected bones wouldn’t be Highlighted (the bright orange outline for the active objects) in the viewport if these had a Custom Shape associated, as they do in their ‘normal’ state.


Colour coded.

Great Idea.


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