Anatolii's Temple of Challenges

This simple layout doesn’t depict any props or details regarding puzzles, just a simple geometry sketch

The first level is planned out as a cross of 4 areas:
-start in the top left
-a labyrinth with a puzzle in the bottom left
-a labyrinth with 4 sections: 1 puzzle room, and 3 dead-ends with triggers which will open the puzzle room
-a locked door which leads into the final level

This layout will provide a geometry simple enough for players to remember it in the first couple of tries, the labyrinths are not the juicy parts of the level.

If the player chooses to explore the puzzle room #1 first, then he can be tricked into believing that dead ends will be nonfunctional in the puzzle room #2, which in turn will lead to some satisfaction after completing both of the puzzles.

The second level is a simple two-part area, one being the staircase and the next being the puzzle room.

The player must solve two simple puzzles during the first level, it will be filled with labyrinths and a reasonable amount of scary ambient sounds, and some sort of ambient soundtrack.

The second level contains one complicated puzzle which will contain a sort of a physics puzzle in bundle with
a more traditional puzzle.

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