Anagram Terms

Hi All,

I never got to Introduce myself here so…
I am Chris you can call me Astilex either is fine I am a College student that has been working to reach my goal of becoming an independent game designer.

These are My Anagram Ideas: I am happy to be working on this as I took a Pentesting class in my Freshman year. Its also kinda fitting since my Advisor is a Summertime NSA Contractor.

–Easy (Script Kiddie)
Easy Theme: Coffee Shop
efefoc = coffee
sasowrdp = password
odrwsrcos = crossword
hresckol = sherlock (Because I love that book series)
ntetrei = internet

–Medium(Budding Hacker)
Medium Theme: Medical Office
ardoiolgy = radiology
uenoryolg = neurology
alsce = scale
shcyiapl = physical
icnceav = vaccine

–Hard(Certified Pen Tester) Hint:
Hard Theme: Homeland Security (Contracted not a Criminal Attempt)
(Pen Testing Tools)
mapn = nmap
enmapz = zenmap
riewhkars = wireshark
mtigeaar = armitage
mateploits = metasploit

Self Challenge: Make a challenge option where the player can add a timer to the challenge

What do you all think?

Looking good Chris.

I like the

Don’t want to be breaking to law

At this point though, don’t worry about making anagrams from your words. You’ll learn how to make random anagrams a little later, so all you need right now is the word list. But good work :+1:

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