Anagram terminal hacker words

I kicked around a lot of ideas… but I could not let go of the two words from the same letters as hard as tried. I thought the association to environment would determine difficulty. House hold animals being far more familiar to people in general, farm a little less, the wilds even less so. I am terrible at word games so they are all hard for me.

House Hold Pets:

  • looped poodle
  • tars rats
  • act cat
  • tan ant
  • raptor parrot

Farm Animals:

  • toga goat
  • gosh hogs
  • balm lamb
  • reset steer
  • balm lamb

Wild Animals:

  • coolest ocelots
  • corona racoon
  • emanate manatee
  • paroled leopard
  • garbed badger

I actually like the idea of using “groupings” like you did to give the player a hint at the possible words. Making them two words seems like it might be more of an interesting challenge too

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